technique....................first of all I do not do art restoration, I alter art 69% of all my art are not original. I get my material from magazines, posters, cards, calendars, photos, photos of photos. I cut them up in pieces or slice them, then tape them on cardboard, fiacre, wood or any flat surface. I layer and then layer over, keeping the image slightly seen. I do start this process with shapes from the last peace, so you see my work is always continuous and in a way never ending. in the course of one evening I might start with one image and by night end it is totally changed..my friend Curran, who is on my link, by the way , says I over work my work.......I do what I do and sometimes I can't explain my process...I just do it and do not think about it. one think I do is a record my work with a Walgreen camera taking pictures as I go. some people say I should patent my style , I do not worry about coping my work, because if someone does it is the best form of flattery. anyway back to technique after I deem a work done I take it to the Wright image and have it put on stretch canvas and enlarged. this like the original work is not a perfect science, but I do name the process 'art damage' get it.......most people do..for those that do not well I guess they like something more rational........I fell this is cutting edge and original....I don't do it to be different ,I just do what I do. so in summery ,scotch tape, paper, cardboard and the wrapping it in packing tape, photo, stretch canvas and the original nicely matted and framed.